Our dream is to be able to combine traveling around Australia and the world, and visiting family and loved ones while also having the time to produce works of art and images that inspire us.

About Pascale

artyobsessions_pascalePascale Zufferey was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa in 1962. Her parents are of Swiss heritage and moved to the Northern Territory when she was 4.

Being brought up in the NT and attending a local, mainly Indigenous school in Arnhem Land ensured that she developed a love of nature, an appreciation for the amazing wildlife of the area and a rapport with Indigenous people which is reflected in her work.

Later her family moved to SA where she attended teachers college, got married and then returned to the NT to teach. She spent 10 years teaching in Indigenous communities, had three children, moved to the big smoke (Darwin), got unmarried and life went on…

I have always had a passion for art and using my hands. Since I was a young girl I was always creating something whether a painting, weaving or trying to tan rabbit skins at the back of the house.

Now that my children are grown up and I only work part-time (when I feel like it) I have been able to dedicate a lot more time on doing what I love. Watching my grandchildren, and the children I teach, has also rekindled the joy of just being a ‘child’ and playing around with different media. As Picasso once said, ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up!’

Although I am primarily self-taught I enjoy getting together with other artists and ‘the buzz’ we share. I have attended a number of workshops in Australia and overseas which have helped me to grow and keep me inspired and trying new things.

There are never enough hours in a day or days in a year to paint, make or create everything I want to do…..maybe I should just focus on the one media but I love them all! In no particular order…..I work in pastel, charcoal, mixed media, watercolour, acrylic and have dabbled with assemblages and sculptures…would like to try encaustic sometime…….

My partner Bruce (digital nomad) and I have a love of travel and try and do so as often as we can. We have used this to also inform and inspire our work. Hence this website. Hope you enjoy our works and little blogs. Please feel free to comment.

We will see where the adventure of life will lead us to next. The important thing is to enjoy every minute and try to live life to the fullest.

About Bruce

artyobsessions-bruceBruce Dunn was born in Dalby, Queensland in 1958. During his first teaching post on Thursday Island, he developed a love for fishing, camping and the tropics.  After he moved back to Brisbane, he realised that big city living was not for him and moved to Darwin.

After teaching Mathematics, Physics and Computing at Darwin High School for 10 years, he undertook various information analyst and leadership roles in Education and Health.

For more than thirty dry seasons and about the same number of build ups and wet seasons, he has enjoyed everything the Darwin and Territory lifestyle has to offer; camping and  fishing throughout the Top End, the multi-cultural people and food, and the short flights to South-East Asia and .

Bruce and his partner of twenty years, Pascale, particularly enjoy going to their rusty shack at Dundee Beach whenever they get a chance. They also have devoted plenty of time to chasing reef fish, black jewfish and the iconic barramundi.

My interest in photography really started when we took six months off work to travel around the WA coast in 2004. Very early in the trip, we upgraded from a decent film camera to a fully functional digital version.

As we continued our travels and the amazing landscapes and scenery of the Kimberley unfolded before us, I quickly moved from considering the camera as a way of recording events to a means of capturing the essence of the amazing landscape and its rugged beauty. With plenty of time for once, particularly while Pascale was sketching or painting, I actually read the instruction manual for the new camera, opening up a new world of exposure, depth of field and white balance. Okay, I admit it. I didn’t ‘get’ white balance after reading the manual, and still find it a bit of a mystery.

Since then rather than using my camera to just document the world around me, I like to make images that draw attention to the special elements of places and people that others may overlook.

Although I am mostly self taught, I was also inspired and motivated to explore the arty side of photography after participating in some workshops with Ken Ball and Wendy Roche. Their focus was on using the camera to capture images in an impressionistic style using filters and movement. Now I include the camera as part of the artist’s set of tools, along with brushes, pens, paints and ink. I was introduced to the amazing world of art photography.

My desire to become a digital nomad began when for work I transitioned from a classroom teacher to an information analyst. I quickly realised that unlike teaching, there was really no need to be physically located at your place of work. Most of the time, you were remotely connected to other computers or servers and it didn’t really matter if they were in the room next door, on the other side of town or even interstate. Now it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, you can do this type of work as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Last year, we were fortunate that I was able to continue working part time in my normal role while travelling around Australia in our camper trailer. I worked Monday to Friday every second week, allowing alternating weeks of work and travel. The only restriction was that every second week, we needed to be somewhere with a decent internet connection and a suitable place to set up my laptop.

Although I am now back in the routine of ‘physically’ going to work five days each week, it won’t be long before we become location independent again. Maybe this could be the topic of another website and blog. 

We hope you enjoy our artworks and images.

Happy creating.