Birds with Attitude

Magpie (Sold)Most of these paintings are done with pastels and are all ‘larger than life’. I have tried to accentuate the bird’s expression whether cheeky, haughty, protective, arrogant or just a bit cocky.

So I guess the title Birds with Attitude is a bit ‘tongue in cheek’. I don’t know what it is about some birds. Their mannerisms and expressions often bring a smile to my face as they remind me of people…more specifically the ‘non-feathered’ kind of bird!

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The Natural World

artyobsessions-175This gallery consists of paintings of flora and fauna primarily, painted in watercolour.  Many of these paintings were part of my joint exhibition titled Off The Easel.

A number of these artworks were painted after participating in some watercolour courses run through McGregor Art School at the University of Southern Queensland. I was once again motivated to paint our feathered friends and some of the lovely waterlilies found in our local billabongs.

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artyobsessions-237There is nothing quite like a walk on the beach, or watching a beautiful sunset over the sea to de-stress and appreciate the wonders of the world.

My partner, Bruce and I enjoy escaping to our little rusty shack on the beach at Dundee. This getaway and the numerous fishing and camping trips have inspired many of my seascape paintings.

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Ellery Creek Big HoleThere is something about rocks, boulders and escarpments that inspires me to paint. I am most familiar with the landscapes of the NT and WA. The forms and colours of Litchfield NP, Kakadu, the Kimberleys and the Pilbara are unique and cannot be found anywhere else on earth!

If you ever get a chance visit Hamersley Gorge (Karajini NP) in WA, it is an artist’s and photographer’s paradise! Many of these paintings have a collaged base before the paint is applied to help represent the amazing texture of rocks and crevasses. These are not just pretty images.

I have tried to represent these ancient landscapes and formations which date back to the ‘dreamtime’.

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artyobsessions-044Why do I love to paint figures particularly the female nude? Well I suppose it is the figure that I know best. I have tried to paint the male nude but they often turn out looking too effeminate…..might be a project to revisit in the future.

I draw from life as much as possible as this ensures that I keep my ‘eye in’ and it is good practice. The figure is an endless source of inspiration, whether viewed in terms of emotions or feelings towards the model and the sense of mood they impart, or viewed in terms of anatomy.

Drawing the figure is a centuries old practice for training artists. The figure sums up the ‘essence of humanity’.

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artyobsessions-0181The human face is endlessly fascinating. I particularly like to depict people from different cultures that we meet on our travels and the innocence of children. Although I have done portraits of family members I find it very difficult and am never really happy with the outcome as I feel there is always something missing or not quite right in the expression or the feeling I want to capture.

I think it is extremely difficult to capture that inner quality of an individual….their soul if you could call it that. So for that reason I do not do portrait commissions.

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Pages from my Sketchbook

artyobsessions-1090172I love looking at other artist’s sketchbooks. They are intimate and help show what is going on in the artist’s head…their voyage of discovery.

The images in this gallery are smaller works which are often the product of just ‘playing around’ with different mediums or ideas. These sketches are often the basis of  more developed works.

Working in a sketchbook and on small pieces allows me a sense of freedom ‘to play’ without the perceived pressure of creating a piece which will hang on a wall.

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Weekly Challenges

Nightcliff Pandanus 1

I wanted a personal challenge to encourage my creativity and experimentation in my work. A painting a day seemed a bit daunting; a very ambitious project that requires time and discipline! I decided on a smaller and less intensive challenge of creating a small painting each week for the next 6 months and see where the process leads me.

Each week’s painting are posted on our  blog page every Sunday. The paintings are offered for sale, matted and wrapped for $80. ( additional $20 if postage is required). The paintings are in a range of medium and measure approximately 19cm x27cm (27×35 when matted).

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Little Free Standing Canvases

Ode to Whiteley 1 and 2 13 cm x 13 cm 3.5 cm deep

All these little canvases created by Bruce and I are free standing and measure 13cm x 13cm with 3.5 cm sides. They are in a range of media which may include collage elements and some of Bruce’s photography. All artworks are for sale for $45 with an additional $10 if postage is required.

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