After some research I discovered a local artist who runs watercolour classes in Chiang Mai. Although I was feeling a little nervous I decided I should make the most of it, bite the bullet and attend. I’m so glad that I did! The teacher Wuth (Worawuth Srakaeo) was a wonderful and patient teacher who shared his knowledge and words of wisdom with modesty. I would have continued if we had stayed in Chiang Mai longer. (


You can do a couple of hour sessions or a 15 hour course. I had plenty of time so decided to enrol in the 15 hour course and I enjoyed every session and was disappointed when it came to an end.





I was spoilt being the only student getting lots of individual attention and working in a lovely gallery about a 20 minute walk from our apartment.



My attempt at Monks….working on trying to keep it loose and watercolourish!

After the first couple of sessions Wuth and I usually worked side by side on a painting we had decided on. I learnt a lot working like this and enjoyed our conversations about following your passion and dreams and doing what makes you happy.


Teaching me how to do a portrait of an old lady

I was happy with my portrait but want to add a few more leaf on the earings??…..that is then a mixed media piece..



Wuth’s lovely work!


After help…. my Koi still looked like reef fish!

For those arty friends – Wuth often had to try and rescue my work as I was impatient and got too dark too quickly! I needed to remember the stages he taught me – wet on wet, dry on wet, …and only at the end dry brushing. Also to think about contrast in terms of lost and found edges, wet washes and dry brush, also that a painting should have approximately 80% warm or cool and 20% of the other….consider composition and movement, smooth and rough areas etc etc. So much to think about! I was happy with my still life.


At the end of the classes Wuth gave me a beautiful watercolour book as a present and painted some lovely monks and an inscription on the front page. The whole experience was very memorable and now I just need to keep practicing and to remember that I’m working in watercolours not acrylics or mixed media!


Wuth’s beautiful work still in progress.

I’ve started a couple more paintings which I packed up when we left Chiang Mai. I have now just unpacked them in our apartment, in Hua Hin. I will continue working on them during Bruce’s work days.


Started in Chiang Mai. To be continued in Hua Hin…

More monks…I love portraits even though they can be a bit tedious at some stages..but the faces of the people where we are visiting in our travels, really reflects the culture of a place …..the monks, people in the market place, hill-tribe villagers and now in Hua Hin I might paint the guys on the beach who take pony rides. I saw a few characters there yesterday on our walk.

Follow your passions – thank you Wuth! 🙂