Hidden Treasures from my Hard Drive – Venice

It wouldn’t be Venice without a gondola.

I sometimes wonder how many great photos there are hidden away on memory cards and hard drives that are never viewed or appreciated after the photographer glimpses them while they are being downloaded. Particularly during holidays. You are so busy enjoying ‘the moment’ and clicking away that when you return, the ‘real world’ of work and other commitments take over. You haven’t taken the time to go through the hundreds (or often thousands) of images from your travels. I’m afraid I’m often guilty of this.

Recently during the process of getting all our photos into the one place, I stumbled onto lots of images that I only have a vague recollection of flicking through – maybe once. Here are some night images from our not so recent visit to Venice.

Makes me wonder…

How many digital images do we all have that are hidden away, never viewed, printed or appreciated?