Gurney Drive is a 1.8 km esplanade along the sea front in George town Penang, a short bus ride out of Old Georgetown. It is in the middle of constructions with a wall erected the whole length of the esplanade and lots of building happening in the sea. It was quite funny to watch the digger submerged in water and workers with their hard hats and life jackets floating around doing stuff! A friendly local, who helped Bruce climb a tree to take photos, explained that they were building a little Manhattan and that it would be finished in three years!



We have been staying here for the last week or so and really enjoying having a little apartment with a washing machine and being able to spread out! Unfortunately the internet speed is not fast enough for Bruce to be able to work comfortably so he has been commuting back to the old part of Georgetown to the co working space @ CAT. A lovely spot but not much fun getting on a bus in the dark! (Time difference to Australia doesn’t help)


Glimpse of the sea from out apartment!

Anyway we are at the ‘bottom end’ of Gurney Drive amongst the sea of condo high-rises. It’s a good walk to the top of the esplanade which has heaps of Hawker stalls selling all sorts of street food as well as the super fancy shopping stores and malls of Gurney Plaza and Paragon Gurney which has every thing imaginable and very fancy!



Getting rid of the greys..hope it works!


Ummm…deep fried heaven for Bruce!


We have also found a great eating place close to our apartment which overlooks the sea, a lovely spot to watch the sunset and join in with the locals having dinner.



Delicious food just around the corner!


Trying a local specialty-asam laksa. Need to go to the hairdressers!

We spent a day exploring the coastline up to the National Park and then spent a few hours on the beach at the tourist beach area of Batu Ferringhi. The transport system is great and bus 101 goes every 15 minutes from town all the way up the coast so its easy to hop on and off and very cheap.


Up past Batu Ferringhi near the NP.


Batu Ferringhi


I have to admit we have enjoyed chilling in our place and Bruce has been busy at ‘work’ so we probably haven’t explored as much as we could have. I have been doing lots of painting and found I’ve been into portraits of the local people rather than landscapes. One thing we have decided since our 5 months ‘on the road’ is that if working, its better to stay put for at least one month at a time and a couple of months is even better to really get to know a place a bit more.



Anyway, after having said that we just couldn’t go past the cheap fares to Mauritius so we are packing up and moving from Penang after being here for only two weeks and flying to Mauritius for 10 days! The 4 am taxi trip to the airport on Friday morning won’t be much fun but we are very exciting to be going to Mauritius even for a short time! Wish I could teleport half the luggage back to Darwin!


At Straits Quay..always nice to find some artists to join in with!

We found an apartment in Flic en Flac on the west coast of Mauritius that promises to have fast internet speed (we will believe it when we do a speed test!) and I have researched a few boat trips we can do…not sure but we might hire a far we have managed everywhere on public transport which has been half of the fun!


Well I hope to be posting some photos of turquoise waters in my next blog. Happy travels and follow your dreams!

X Pascale and Bruce