Travels in Vietnam

artyobsessions-1090494Every time we pack up and set off on a holiday I spend more time deciding what art materials to pack than what else to take. What sort of paper, sketchbook, pens or watercolours?   Yet invariably I do little sketching as I’m too busy walking the streets and taking it all in. This recent trip to Vietnam is no different.

There are so many things to see and do that little sketching gets done. I have however literally taken 1000s of photos! The beautiful faces of Vietnam, chaotic street scenes and bustling market places and the night life of Ho Chi Minh. Hoi An with its historic old buildings adorned in colourful lanterns. Bright bougainvillea or bicycles against textured yellow coloured walls. All calling to be painted.

artyobsessions-1090860We were lucky to be here for the full moon festival so we have lovely photos of lights floating down the river Hoai. Bruce is in his element photographing all the reflections and lights around. All this visual stimulation to take in against the sounds of beating drums and dancing dragons…. a sign of good luck. So much inspiration around yet only a few little sketches to show for all the art material I packed. Not to worry I know the photos will inspire many artworks when I get back home.

artyobsessions-1090781Next time I pack for our travels I will remind myself not to fret about the art materials. But if I’m honest I know when the time comes around again I will go through the same routine and procrastination. Sketchbook or 300gsm watercolour paper? Just in case. Watercolours or pens?

I need to learn, to take in the journey, make the most of the adventure, take lots of photos and relive the experience once back home by doing some paintings….anyway there’s always an art shop somewhere. 🙂

Happy Snapping