Khao Takiab or Chopstick Mountain as it is sometimes called, is only a few kilometers from where we are staying in Hua Hin. It is our last weekend so we thought we better climb to the top to have a look at the temple and to check out the views. We have seen the Giant Golden Buddha Statue at the base of the hill but have been putting off the climb as we heard that it was overcrowded with untrustworthy monkeys!



The climb to the top was worth the lovely view of the surrounding area even though the temple it self was not that impressive and the place quite run down. There were the usual stalls selling flowers and incense for offerings and trinkets. A fellow was waxing and painting fabric to make sarongs and shirts. It was interesting to see how he stretched his fabric over a table frame.


Besides the main temple there was an assortment of Buddhas and unusual figures of worship overlooking the ocean in another section.



Bruce and I watched an ingenious pulley basket creation which went from the stalls at the bottom of the steps up to the shrine. Its purpose was to collect the orchids (that had been purchased as an offering and placed in front of the Buddha), when there were sufficient and transport them back down to the stall at the bottom of the steps to be sold again. First time we saw this ‘resale’ going on we were a bit surprised but it seems to be the way things are done!


There were quite a few monkeys but they were not too aggressive and more busy reproducing than bothering too much with us! We did see a few monkeys steal a packet of dried fruit and drinks. There was a lady selling food to the tourists so they could feed the monkeys. I didn’t think they needed encouraging!




Just chilling!

There were a few cute baby monkeys but I was surprised there wasn’t many more!


Even though it was an incredibly hot day, I’m glad we climbed Khao Takiab and up to the temple. We recovered with a refreshing drink and a whole bucket of ice, caught a song taew home and enjoyed a dip in the pool back at the apartment.


Finished a whole bucket of ice!


Looking very hot and sweaty.


Waiting for enough passengers before our song taew leaves.

The next day we visited the Hua Hin railway station – one of the oldest in Thailand with its original architecture, posted some things home and started getting organised to fly to Penang Malaysia in a few days. Happy Travels!