Will I take the camera?

Last night to cap off a relaxing weekend, we headed down to the jetty – Stokes Hill Wharf – with thoughts of eating something Thai.

Will I take the camera? Does it change a Sunday evening walk into a photo expedition?

Yes, I took it.


Strangely enough, the decision on whether or not to take the camera is something I’ve become aware of. Using a small point and shot camera or a phone to take photos is not at all intrusive. However, taking an SLR is much more noticeable and can take over. In fact, as we came up the lift with another couple, the guy said, ‘That’s a big camera’. What could I say? Safer to say nothing than what came to mind…

Did it interfere with our walk to the jetty? I’m not sure…

Here are some images from our walk there and back.