From Mont Saint Michel we went along the coast to a little fishing port called Cancale which is famous for its oyster farms. We parked the car and walked to the lighthouse under which is held an oyster market. You can buy the oysters straight from the fisherman get them shucked and then sit along the quay and enjoy a dozen with a drop of wine if desired. We were keen but it suddenly started to rain so we enjoyed some oysters and a glass of muscadet under shelter and watched the drizzle.

It was interesting to watch the oyster boats compete with the masses of tourist vehicles while being towed by tractors. At least there were plenty of people buying oysters and seafood.

Returned to our car and our first parking fine (hopefully it won’t be too expensive!) and continued on our way to Josselin a little town I have read is very pretty and worth a visit…..mind you I think everywhere is worth a visit!

Our accommodation was out of Josselin and the GPS sent us through some paddocks and cow poo covered little road but eventually we got to our destination and spent the rainy afternoon relaxing and catching up on things, booking accommodation, researching the next few places to visit and writing blogs.

The next morning we went for a little walk along the canal and nearly left with out paying the bill…the hotel manager was at the car door as we were checking out the map with…la facture! Never sure with – sometimes you pay online and other times at the hotel…well that was our excuse! Oh dear very embarrassing!

Josselin is a beautiful little picturesque town on the banks of the river Oust. We visited the church in the centre of town and climbed to the top of the church spire to get an amazing view over the whole village and the 14th century castle.

The Chateau de Josselin is the heart of the town and can only be visited by guided tour as the family that has owned it for many generations still live upstairs. You can only visit the ground floor and the gardens.

No photos allowed inside.

Josselin is just beautiful and we loved how peaceful the place was especially surprising as it was in the middle of tourist season.


Unfortunately we had booked elsewhere so we had to move on. If we ever came back it would be lovely to stay here for a bit longer.