I have been commissioned to do a painting of Nightcliff beach and jetty for a 50th birthday present…Great something to focus on while Bruce is still at work for a few weeks, before we set off on our travels. I bought some lovely canvas and got some stretchers made up..all ready to go.

I haven’t painted much in acrylics since our exhibition in March so was feeling a little nervous!! I decided to ‘warm up the palette’ again by painting a scene of a tree I often admire, which is just ‘hanging on’ at Nightcliff beach.

I decided to try and take photos of the steps as I progress along with my painting, to record the process but forgot as I got more into the painting. I would like to try doing a time-lapse recording of a painting one day.

Anyway the painting is finished and I’m quite pleased with the result. It measures 90cm x 70cm and is for sale for $550.00. If you are interested please message me on facebook or at artyobsessions.com.

Okay… that was the sales pitch now warmed up and ready to start on the commissioned piece…oh the pressure! It’s a smaller piece so will maybe do two and see which the client prefers.

No more procrastinating…on with it! 🙂

Nightcliff – Just Hanging On

The following photos were taken while painting Nightcliff – Just Hanging On.

Arty Obsessions-1130520

Oh how I hate a blank canvas!! Taped around the edges…now what?

Arty Obsessions-1130522

Do something..anything! Drawing up with vine charcoal thinking about the composition and rule of thirds.

Arty Obsessions-1130526

Refining the drawing..thinking about perspective especially how to feature that ‘hanging on tree’ without looking too strange!

Arty Obsessions-1130527

Starting the blocking in….with thinned acrylics..keep loose as long as possible..just playing around..

Arty Obsessions-1130529

More blocking in and working out colours…warmer in foreground and cooler in background to create perspective?? Still pretending that I’m just blocking in so I don’t get too serious and uptight! Not happy…

Arty Obsessions-1130531

Detail view….adding texture paste to the foreground rocks…fun with a palette knife.

Contemplate..walk around in circles..clean the house..do the washing..play with the kids..go for a walk..have a glass of wine..sleep on it…..not happy what to do next??

Arty Obsessions-1130541


It’s only paint and a piece of canvas..get on with it!! Just keep going….get into it ..forgot to take photos….more confident now….applying paint thicker and pushing and pulling sections to show distance and reflect the feeling of the place.

Arty Obsessions-1130543

Removed the tape from around the edges, love it like unwrapping a present… and painted the foreground trees to extend into the border and off the edges of the canvas.

Arty Obsessions-1130544

Added a bit of fun and looseness with some squiggles and splashes of white paint….think I’m done…much happier! I will wait a few days and sneak up on it to see what needs adjusting..sign it and varnish.

Yay…no longer a blank canvas staring at me..feel satisfied! 🙂

Arty Obsessions-9431