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Chiang Mai

We have finally finished packing up!! As much as I would like to be a minimalist I have to admit that I’m not! I have so much stuff; at home, school and at the shack…not shoes or clothes….but art gear and you know…little treasures you might use to make something one day. Always wanted to spend some time making sculptures or assemblages.

We have left our lovely apartment in town and ‘couch surfing’ at the kids. Our apartment (Pascale on Knuckey..cute?) is advertised on Air BnB and Australian Luxury Stays and we are pleased to already be getting lots of bookings.

artist at night bazaar

Chiang Mai – artist at night bazaar

Bruce and I are getting excited as we booked our flights to Chiang Mai last night and the first few days accommodation. With only a few more days of work for me it’s starting to feel very real. Although we have no set plans while overseas we think we will spend a few months in Thailand and a few in Malaysia in the one spot and use that as a base to explore further. We will make our travel plans around Bruce’s part time work and I can’t wait to spend more time on my art.

As our website is dedicated to art, photography and travel we are hoping to write regular blogs while we are away. Maybe a bit about living overseas but more importantly share photos and hopefully artworks created along the way.

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Looking forward to our next adventure!