Lunch with a local family

We were invited for lunch with the locals which was an interesting experience. We all sat around some tables and enjoyed some food which included tripe and chickpeas while satays were cooked on some coals in the lounge.

Our guide Ahmed demonstrated how to make the popular local mint tea (often referred to as Berber whiskey).

The place got so smokey we had to sneak out for a puff of fresh air. Went to see if I could help in the kitchen to put some meat on skewers.


We got to Volubilis which is a world heritage site, a former roman capital. We wandered the Roman ruins which is set on a plateau. The town was a flourishing roman city from the time of Christ until the end of the 3rd century.

You can see the ruins of public baths, a huge triumphal arch and some beautifully preserved mosaics. It was interesting but incredibly hot. I think someone said it got to 42!

We stopped to enjoy another panoramic view and I was interested in the gourdes displayed along the wall and at the roadside stalls.

We enjoyed the van aircon and the countryside of plowed hills. Looked very dry and harsh looking but apparently the soil is very fertile and grows nectarines, apples, oranges and of course heaps of prickly pears which they eat the fruit. Olive trees…The countryside is beautiful in a desolate sort of way.