A few people said we should visit La Rochelle and we are pleased we did although we should have stayed longer as there are so many historical sites to explore.

La Rochelle is by the Atlantic Ocean, facing Ile de Re. We spent one day wandering the place which was full of tourists, and looking at all the fancy yacht in the old port which dates from the 13th century. The port is fortified by its towers and predominate the town.

We were surprised that one of the main attractions was to visit the towns aquarium! It was just amazing. The displays and variety of fish and corals was spectacular. We spent a couple of hours here and took a lot of photos. I might have to get back into painting a few fish scapes.

The next day we caught a bus from La Rochelle to Ile de Re. You can hop on and off at the different villages as often as you like so it was a lovely way to spend the day. The island has a bit of an isolated feel. It is about 30 km long and 5 km wide and has 10 villages of traditional green-shuttered whitewashed buildings. The island is literally teeming with bike riders of all ages…little kids pedaling away between villages like naturals.

We visited the furthest point and climbed up the lighthouse for a panoramic view and visited a couple of other places and went wandering. Didn’t get to the biggest village as we didn’t want to miss the last bus home. It was a lovely way to spend the day and something a little bit different.

We have been trying to visit at least one major attraction on our way to our next nights accommodation but haven’t kept up with the research and only decided where to go after a 5 minute discussion and bit of research. We headed to a place called the Devils Bridge which is in a village called Saint Palais sur Mer. It was nice a quiet with people picnicking and relaxing on the beach. We did the walk along the ocean front, took photos of the fishing huts and enjoyed a little picnic on the grass before continuing our drive to Bordeaux.