Yay!! We have got our 6 month multiple entry visas so we can stay in Thailand for 60 days at a time without doing ‘border runs’!


I have packed and unpacked multiple times especially sorting and procrastinating about what art gear to take. Well we are travelling for 5 months and staying in one place for at least one month at a time..doesn’t that mean I can take more!?


Bruce has finished his last week of full-time work (at least for a while) and is looking forward to a new adventure. I have been very spoilt with already having a month off…enjoyed spending extra time with some of the grand-kids and got to do a few new paintings and sold a couple! BUT I have to say I’ve been itching to go.


House packed up and rented..bag packed numerous times..visa sorted…paintings done…camping and bonding with the children….waiting, waiting for poor Bruce to pack up as well!


What do you take when you’re off for 6 months?? This will be a learning experience.

We fly out on a 2:55am flight and get to Chiang Mai around 11 just in time to experience the midday heat this time of year and maybe a delicious mango lassi. We have a hotel booked for 3 nights in which time we will pound the pavements to find some suitable short term accomodation available for a month. I have done a bit of research so we will see how we go.

We are hoping to do regular blogs while we are away so if you would like to receive updates please complete the updates box that pops up or … as they say…click or give us thumbs up!

Happy Travels!