Round 5 – Top End Barra Series

Over the weekend, I joined others from the Top End Barra Series for Round 5, the billabong round, in search of the elusive barramundi at the billabongs of the Mary River system.

Given my form, or lack of form so far this year, I had a backup plan. If there were going to be no photos of fish, I would take advantage of spending a couple of days at the amazing Corroboree Billabong and get the camera out for reasons other than point scoring barramundi.

Don’t get me wrong. Amongst countless casts at lily pads, hours of trolling, multiple lure changes and trying everything that we could think of, no barramundi grabbed the lures, just tarpon. So the score card stayed in the tackle box, and the camera only came out to attempt to capture the serenity of the amazing location and it’s wildlife.

Here’s a fishless series of images from Corroboree Billabong – I must confess that I can’t think of a better place to not catch barra.





And some arty photos – still no fish.