We packed up our apartment in Chiang Mai after a wonderful eight weeks. We were sad to leave but all ready for the next part of our adventure – four weeks in Hua Hin. I posted some things home, grumbled about our luggage and we squeezed onto a Kan air flight to Hua Hin.


We booked a place on Air B and B in the center of town for five days and the owner kindly picked us up from the airport when our flight arrived in the evening. Luckily we didn’t have to worry about transport from the airport as it was a Friday night, apparently a very busy time with visitors coming for the weekend from Bangkok and a very sad day as the beloved Thai king had recently passed away and the streets were crowded with people paying their respects.  Hua Hin is where the King has his summer palace. The traffic was chaotic and roads closed off.

Another mountain view ... from our apartment

Another mountain view … from our apartment

Next day we did a walk around the area we are staying in, to get our bearings. Walked to Hua Hin beach full of deckchairs and little horses ready to take tourists for a ride and the huge Hilton, one of a few resorts dominating the skyline.



We walked a bit further around the corner to the lovely old pier area.





After a rest from the heat we spent the afternoon working out how the transport works (jump on  a green truck for only 10 baht anywhere within the town area) and visited the main different areas of Hua Hin. We started south of Khao Takiab and worked back towards Hua Hin town doing some  research about where we want to live for the next few weeks. A huge day, sore feet and 20,000 steps later we feel more comfortable with how ‘things work’.





Went to the Cicada market for a look around. A beautiful classy market which reminded us of Darwin during the festival. Lot of lights and beautiful food and handmade product stalls. There were some displays as a tribute to the King – old photos hanging from the trees were nice.









Another day of looking around at apartments. We also arranged to meet a lady from a holiday rental company. Things are done a bit differently to Chiang Mai where we just turned up and looked at rooms. It seems in Hua Hin you generally  have to go through an agent rather than reception.  We saw some lovely places but some didn’t have suitable work areas to spread out.


The view from the top of the Sanctuary condo – unfortunately didn’t have a work table!

Anyway we looked at a couple with her and finally have a 3 week lease and even negotiated a better price than they wanted!  We will be moving to a one bedroom apartment in the Baan Sansuk condo which is on the beach and has the most amazing pool I’ve seen – so will have to use it!


Sunday afternoon we visited Market Village which is a big shopping complex with food hall, supermarket and everything else you could possibly want. There is also another new center called BluPort which has only just opened so will have to go and have a look another time. Bought milk and coffee and then home to relax a bit and watch the storm come over the mountains. Later went out into the Night Market not far from where we are and had a delicious seafood dinner as a little celebration! Bruce all set up to do ‘the work thing’ for the next three days, I have a painting to finish and then we will do some moving house and touristing.







I will do some more blogs once we are settled.

Happy Travels!