More beautiful pastels flowers were created this weekend. It was nice to spend the day with a mixture of new and familiar faces sharing art creation and talk!

We start with choosing a flower subject that inspires us. It may resonate with us for different reasons: memories, the colours, shapes or textures. After considering the best colour to work on…. one which enhances our subject or creates the mood we are after, we then sketch in the drawing.

There is such a range of colours to choose from …. but that is exciting! It is best to start with applying gentle strokes of colour to capture the subtle graduations of colour and not fill in the tooth of the paper too quickly. Soft pastels can be layered to create depth and richness in colour, blended, scumbled or cross hatched. We added details with pastel pencils and checked the values. 

When happy with the work it was rolled with glassine paper not sprayed with fixative as that really spoils the colour.

The works were beautifully finished off with a signature and lovely white mat.

I love the way each piece of artwork reflects the individual through their unique interpretation and expression.

Happy Saturday being creative:)