Firstly, apologies for not writing a new post for ages…working nearly full time, trying to do lots of artwork, preparing for my little exhibition and packing up the house ready to set off on our travels again has kept me on my toes!

I would though, like to share a great art filled weekend I spent with a group of lovely people. The workshop titled Dynamic Drawing was run by master pastellist Christine Clarke who came up from the Sunshine Coast to run some workshops at DVAA Frogs Hollow, Woods Street Gallery.

Christine hard at work!

The workshop focused on mastering or attempting to master your drawing skills working in graphite and charcoal.  I found it interesting to focus on tone and blocking in shapes rather than focusing on line in order to simplify visual information. A few of my little attempts follow.

Struggled with this one.

Christine was a knowledgeable and patient teacher who walked us through a number of exercises, some more challenging than others, but each, with a specific technique or idea she wanted to teach us. Some areas which we covered were still life, tone and light, figures, composition and contour drawing.

Yay..can do some line work now!

The main thing I got out of the two days, besides doing what I love, is to simplify visual information by focusing on connecting shapes in terms of tone rather than line. So I will attempt to make an effort to remember to try that in my future sketches!

It was a full on couple of days, every one learnt a great deal and produced lots of little studies to refer to in the future. Thanks Christine for a nice weekend. I’m looking forward to the Portrait Workshop next weekend!