I held my first watercolour workshop today. I have to admit I was a little hesitant as watercolour is so difficult. We started by practising creating flat, gradated and variegated washes. Spent some time talking about the properties of different watercolours; transparency, opaqueness and whether the paints granulate or are staining etc. Then on to brushes and how much water they hold, papers in terms of their weight and surfaces.

It was lovely to work with an adventurous group of participants who were prepared to take risks and explore different techniques to create textures and marks. We used materials such as cling wrap, baking paper, salt and alcohol to create lovely patterns which can then be worked into with some negative painting or a variety of pens and pencils.

We created little swatches of colours and tried different techniques then worked on a larger piece where the white was preserved with masking fluid. We all got our backgrounds done but time got away with us and some will be finished at home.

There is so much to learn about watercolour and it’s such a difficult medium which takes hours, more like years to perfect. We were all happy to experiment, enjoyed our successes and learnt from the things that didn’t work. 

A creative and productive day spent working with a nice group of people. Food for the soul.