When you stay somewhere new, the lovely thing about just walking is the amazing discoveries you find along the way that weren’t planned or known about… but end up being the best!

Arty Obsessions-9817

Even the monks/novices enjoy technology!

Today we decided to walk from our new home in the Nimman area of Chiang Mai to Warorot market on the east side outside the old city which is alongside the Ping river. Quite a hike (about 10km) but we need to wear off all that delicious Thai food that we have been eating.  If we get sick of walking we can always hail a red truck (songthaew).


Bruce found his favourite satay…parsons nose satay! Not that nice really.

We walked down Huay Kaew Rd to the NW corner of the moat which surrounds the old city. While walking along the north boundary we discovered another beautiful wat (temple) which I think is called Wat Montien.  Anyway after visiting a few wats a few days ago Bruce had to be dragged into this one. Apparently he said two wats a week was the limit but I thought he said two a day!

Arty Obsessions-9810

Beautiful details.

Apparently there are over 300 wats in Chiang Mai. They range from large showy ones to quiet peaceful ones or some which are crumbling away…could keep us busy for a while!

Arty Obsessions-00951

Wat Montien..I think!

We were not disappointed it was beautiful with a huge buddha outside overlooking the moat. We took lots of photos again and continued on our way past another wat with horse statues lined up outside its perimeter. I couldn’t convince Bruce to stop again.

Not far down the street we saw a hairdresser..someone was in desperate need of a hair cut.

Arty Obsessions-00975

Bruce will soon be a new man!

We continued on our way and cut through the centre of  the old city and out the west side along Chang Moi rd to the Warorot market.

Arty Obsessions-00993

Entrance to the Warorot market area..Chinese influence.

Although we had been there a few years ago we wanted to come to Warorot market again as it is a very local market full of activity and not many tourists around.

Arty Obsessions-01026

It’s fun just walking around and taking it all in. The vendors sell everything you could possibly want; meats, sausages, all sorts of concoctions and dried fruits and nuts. It was interesting to look down on all the stalls from the top floor.

Arty Obsessions-9830

The famous Chiang Mai sausage!

Arty Obsessions-01021

Dried fish and seafoods..smelt like it too.

The people were all so friendly and were happy for us to take their photos if we asked! A few had a giggle when Bruce showed them their pictures on the view finder.

Arty Obsessions-9843

A happy couple.

We went across the road to explore the next door market, Lam Yai (more of the same) and out through to the brown muddy looking Ping river which was lined with people chilling, letting fish go in to the river (buddhist blessing/good luck thing to do) and lined with Tuk Tuks and Songthaews.

Arty Obsessions-01009

Thought they were lychees but they are are longans..related to the lychee and taste very similar. Thought to give internal ‘heat’ in Chinese medicine..whatever that means!

Walking along the beautiful flower market was lovely with an amazing variety of different flowers. I think they are mainly for offering at the temples and the shrines which are found in the front yard of everyone’s homes and businesses.

Arty Obsessions-01041


Arty Obsessions-9849

The markets start very early in the morning!

I couldn’t help it and bought myself a huge bunch of red roses for 80 baht which is about $3 Australian dollars! They looked lovely in our apartment for a few days. I meant to put some in the little temple/shrine in the apartment courtyard but forgot.  Hope I haven’t bought myself any bad luck!

Arty Obsessions-01048

Beautifully presented.

Arty Obsessions-01061

Happy Chappy

We escaped up the road a bit to Wawee Coffee, a Thai coffee franchise, to get away from the mayhem, noise, smells and to enjoy some quiet in the air con with a delicious ice latte. I have to admit I have taken a liking to them in the heat! Apologies to the baristas!

Walked up Thae Pae Rd, caught a tuk tuk home and experimented with using the video on my camera.

Arty Obsessions-01058

in the back of the Tuk Tuk haven’t progressed to selfies yet!

Some of our best days have been when we just go out and start walking with no particular plan in mind!

Happy travels!