After being back at work for three weeks, we finally got around to visiting the amazing street art produced during the three months we were away travelling. We also photographed some of the ever changing artworks which have been constantly painted over for the past few years.

Bruce and I are always interested in the local street art of the different places we visit. We shared photos on some wonderful street art from Georgetown, Penang and Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Georgetown’s Quirky Street Art

Street Art of Chiang Mai-Creativity or Vandalism?

We were up before it got too hot this morning and went for a walk to finally take some photos of the lovely works around town. We were feeling very proud of the wonderful range of work produced by our local artists.

Bruce is working on creating a website that records all the Darwin street art: new, old and ever changing with geo-tagged photos which he hopes will document street art in Darwin and maybe encourage visitors and more locals to do a bit of an explore of the local area.

We also have a bit of a plan to add all other things arty that be found in the streets of Darwin to the site: graffiti, sculptures, galleries and other arty venues.