Today I had the pleasure of running a Colourful Cacti and Succulent workshop for 3 lovely participants. We started by looking at some reference images of cacti and succulents. Have you ever looked closely at the structure and forms of these amazing plants? We then each chose an image to paint in acrylic.

We talked about the different types of materials that could be used for painting cacti, the products that can be used to seal canvases and fix layers of paint and how to mix different colours. We also talked about the importance of composition and using contrasting colours and highlights.

The participants all worked very hard, and by the end of the day, they had created some beautiful and vibrant little paintings which were detailed with posca pens.

I was really impressed with their progress, and I’m so happy with how their paintings turned out. They took another little canvas home to work on themselves. It is always lovely to catch up with people I’ve worked with before and meeting new people through creative pursuits.

I would also like to thank my trusty assistant, Bruce for the photos and always helping out with his ‘go to’ salad! 

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Happy painting!