After leaving Josselin we headed to Carnac and we were lucky to have accommodation in an old hotel in the middle of town on market night. We enjoyed wandering around the art and food stalls and watching the locals doing their traditional dances in the village square. Carnac is on the south coast of Brittany around the Gulf de Morbihan.

We visited to see its mysterious megaliths which predate Stonehenge by around 100 years. There are over 3,000 upright stones erected between 5000 and 3500 BC.

We visited two sites Menec and Kermario and did a short walk to the Gréant du Manio the highest menhir in the complex.

Next stop was Vannes on our way to Nantes. Vannes was beautiful with little crooked houses, and more cobbled streets. We enjoyed lunch in the village square, another galette for Bruce and goats cheese salad for me. All very delicious!

It’s was particularly lovely when a few musicians started playing some jazz. We did the walking tour around the village to check out some of the major historical buildings, and found where we parked our car, pleased not to have any parking fines this time and continued on to our next planned stop – Nantes.