We tried to take the coastal road from Honfleur to Bayeux and got a bit lost …..went through a few places and stopped at a place we think was the main beach in Deauville. A strange place especially early in the morning. Lonesome coloured parasols rolled up for miles and people raking the sand along a wired collection of “beach storerooms”??? We had a look around, toilet break but no coffee in sight and continued on to some other little town for our caffeine hit and for Bruce to have a break.

Arrived in Bayeux and our accomodation thanks to the wonderful car GPS! We spent an hour trying to follow translated instructions to get into our accomodation…everyone in the block helping us look for hidden keys..pretty funny really. I’m sure it was the excitement of the week for a few of the older residence who were a bit surprised that I spoke French. Anyway we eventually found the metal lock box with code hidden in a window recess down the street about 4 meters from the main gates! …all which was being translated as wooden box inside complex…La la la! Once we got in we were pleased to be able to relax in a lovely new studio apartment with little kitchen and huge comfy bed!

Visited the famous Bayeux tapestry..which is actually an embroidery nearly 70m long depicting the events leading to the Norman conquest of England. The tapestry is over 900 years old and was believed to be made to tell the story to a largely illiterate public. We also visited the history museum which was also great.

We made our way from Bayeux along the coastal road to Mont Saint Michel so that we could visit some of the D Day Beaches. It was sad to see the crosses go for miles into the distance and that each one stood for a person that had died.

A very sombre place but a sign reminded me that ……

The story and bomb craters at Pont du Hoc was also an eye opener.