Everyone produced some lovely artworks today in my Seascape workshop. I met some new people and we enjoyed being creative together.
We planned a seascape, prepared a cradle panel with sealer, and after some discussion about composition; the rule of thirds, leading the eye around the painting and other arty stuff, we drew up our compositions. We used texture paste for the rocks and glazing medium to help make shadows transparent.
Lunch is always a lovely way to get to know each other a bit better, and of course, we shared a lot of art talk and new techniques.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I am always happy to see everyone’s finished artworks. It is lovely to be involved in the process which culminates in the final piece.
Everyone went home with a unique artwork, vanished and ready to hang. We have planned to get together again on 5 September with the focus of that workshop being pastel birds if anyone would like to join us.
Happy creating, Pascale.