On the night of the St Mary’s School disco, the Term 1 2016 Arty Kids displayed some of their artworks in the school hall. Thanks to Lisa, Eva and Jade for looking after the display on the night. The children, who range from 5 year old to about 10 were very proud see all their work hanging up.

More images for these Arty Kids can be found here.

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Arty Kids 11

Portraits in charcoal and crazy faces in the style of Picasso. Then of course we had to paint some in the style of Andy Warhol.

Arty Kids 08 Arty Kids 02

Jade showing off some of the Mondrian inspired works. A good beginning lesson in primary colours for the younger children. They later went on to mixing secondary colours and completing a colour wheel as well as learning about complementary colours.

Arty Kids 01

Eva was a wonderful helper all term. Thanks Eva!

Arty Kids 07 Arty Kids 03

We also had fun dying rice and making mandala inspired works. What productive students creating all this in five lessons!

Arty Kids 10 Arty Kids 06