Charcoal Painting in Chiang Mai

Bruce and I have admired the artists who work in Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar (Lower Floor) before… Their work is amazing!!

In 2008 we watched an artist named Yai Naret work on a portrait of a young ‘long neck’ girl. It was so realistic…. so we went back the next day and just had to buy it.

artyobsessions-1090273It was very special to have watched the artist work on his piece and has hung on our walls and taken ‘centre stage’ at our home through many moves.

So when we recently returned to Chiang Mai one of the things we wanted to do was see these artists at work again and maybe to take a class in working with powdered charcoal.

We tried to catch up with Yai Naret whose business card I had carried around in my wallet for years. He still produces beautiful works in the Bazaar but we were told he was ‘at the temple’.  After spending some time admiring the fantastic works and chatting to some of the artists we went back to our hotel and booked one of the few art classes we could find in Chiang Mai, Noina’s Art Studio.

We spent half a day at Noina’s, not so much an art class but we got some tips and enjoyed it immensely. Bruce did some work in watercolour for the first time since school days! and I learnt about what sort of paper and brushes to use when working with powdered charcoal.

We spent the next day tramping around Chiang Mai to a stationery shop we were told about. Artists paradise…. it was full of art materials and we bought about 30 brushes (apparently you need a lot) and lots of other art goodies including some powdered charcoal. We went back to our hotel room via the Night Bazaar.



After being back home in Darwin for a week I tried out the new brushes and charcoal. I was happy to play around but the powder seemed grittier than what I used at Noina’s….drew a tribal women and then attempted to paint a portrait of my grandson who was just turning two. Will need more practice but happy with my playing around.