After a long flight from Mauritius it was lovely to be picked up by our Air B&B host and driven to Kuala Lumpur City Centre and checked into a lovely, clean and modern apartment.

We only had a couple of full free days in Kuala Lumpur before heading home after 5 months of travelling. Our  apartment was lovely – and we really appreciate being able to get hot water straight from the tap, uncommon in the places we stayed in Penang and Mauritius! Another bonus was that the internet worked straight away and was fast enough for Bruce to work without us spending a day trying to sort it out!

We are staying right in the centre of KL a few 100 m to the wonderful air conditioned Bukit Bintang Pedestrian Walkway which is above street level and joins Pavillion Mall and the Petrona Towers both with massive shopping centres.

We have used this walkway everyday to go to lunch in the food courts and in the evenings, after Bruce finishes work for a wander around the huge shopping complexes and just chill. The walk is very handy but quite surreal as you can get from one place to another so easily with out walking on the streets or experiencing the traffic and real KL.

We are not here long enough to really get to know KL but have enjoyed wandering around the malls and admiring the wonderful Christmas decorations. The grand kids would have  loved them. KL is a shoppers paradise – we have done a little bit but it gets too overwhelming. So many shops, so much choice and so many people!

We have enjoyed delicious Malay food in the food courts.  It is so cheap, a bit like the Maya center in Chiang Mai but the serves are much bigger than in Thailand. I think we will find the price of food a bit of a shock when we return home not to mention having to actually shop and prepare it ourselves!

We did the tourist thing and visited the Petronas Twin Towers, went up to the sky bridge and on to the observation deck on the 86th floor with an amazing view over KL. Enjoyed a wander around the KLCC Park with its fountain ..a quiet oasis in the centre of all the hustle and bustle.

We only had two full  free days so after exploring the KL City Centre we decided that we should use our time efficiently and so took a day tour to see some of the other attractions. A few photos of some of the places we visited.

Independence Square with its colonial buildings and cricket ground.

National Monument with some guy that wanted pictures with us. Like the haircut?

KL Gallery, Railway Station -old Moorish Heritage, Brickfields indian Town and the National Mosque which unfortunately was closed.

Unusual..female traffic inspector or guard.

The guards outside the King’s palace have to keep very still and not allowed to engage in conversation of smile. We tried to make him smile..very difficult!

I was feeling sorry for the guard and the horse as it was so hot, but found out later that they are on 2 hours shifts. Can’t think of anything more boring!

A view of the palace through the gates. This is as close as you get.

Trying hard not to smile …or lost in thought??

The highlight was Batu Caves which is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and Hindu Temples. After the 272 steps that go into the spectacular natural caverns and seeing the different shrines and locals praying we enjoyed a delicious Indian lunch and refreshing coconut juice.

Standing at 42.7 m high, the world’s tallest statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity.

More steps leading into another cave.

A lovely old woman having a rest on the steps to the caves was happy to have her photo taken. I will definitely do a painting of her..shame the hands weren’t in the photo.

We stopped at a batik place…really just selling lovely silk scarves but there was a little display showing how they were done and I couldn’t help my self having a turn of the paint brush. The guy was lovely..good sales man too… so after showing me numerous ways to tie their lovely silk scarves I bought one AND have a video on how to do some snazzy stuff!


Not only did this batik factory sell scarves it also sold special coffee made from the tongkat ali plant (wood/root?), which is used in traditional medicine through out Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The coffee claims to ‘improve energy, increase stamina, physical endurance and sexual performance!’ So we bought a packet and after some joking around were given a bit extra in pure form to take home!

Not sure of its credibility when the company producing the coffee is called Dong-A Malaysia…I’m not kidding!

Market stalls set up along the street on a Friday.

Men coming back from prayers. Friday is apparently especially important and places which have a special prayer room are packed. This line of men were coming out from the Bank of Islam which has an appropriate prayer space.

We enjoyed our short time in Kuala Lumpur and will definitely come back to spend more time and explore further a field. The more we travel the more we find places we want to see. In the vicinity is Malacca just south of KL and  Johor Bahru off the coast from Singapore also looks interesting. We  didn’t get to Langkawi as planned, when we were in Penang but went to Mauritius instead! Plenty of more places to dream about.

In the meantime we are excited to be heading home via Singapore this week. It will be lovely to see family and friends again and to stay in the one place for a bit…..just a bit.

We have a new adventure planned for the second half of 2017. This one will be a very cold adventure!


We got back to Darwin a week before Christmas just in time to catch up with family, do some Christmas shopping for grand kids,  make Mum’s traditional Christmas biscuits and celebrate a lovely  Christmas on the 24th. Unfortunately Bruce’s dad was very sick in hospital so we flew to Brisbane on the red eyed flight on Christmas day  and caught the train to Cooroy. Pleased to say that after some serious hospital treatment he is more comfortable, although will never be on the mend. After 2 weeks in Cooroy, with Bruce trying to work remotely and help sort out some family matters and hospital visits we returned to Darwin feeling very tired.

We have been here for a week, Bruce has been working in the office! and we’ve caught up with a few friends and fly to Adelaide tomorrow morning to celebrate my dad’s 80th! All the family will be on the same flight -6 adults and 6 grandkids! What can I say…that should be fun! Maybe we shouldn’t bother unpacking!